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Best Metaverse Crypto Coins

The Best Metaverse based Crypto Coins to invest in 2022

Living in an era where we are just a few steps away from a world that is based on the metaverse is quite special. The world has witnessed a tremendous increase in the popularity of the companies which are investing and utilizing the virtual world which leads to increased demand for crypto coins that are based on the metaverse.

The per-day market capitalization of the metaverse coins is close to a staggering 20 billion dollars which clearly shows the dominance of these coins in the crypto world. This has led the top investors around the world to invest in these coins and make a huge profit out of them.

Now,  many people also want their piece of the pie but the concept of metaverse coins and blockchain technology is new and quite advanced for them. So today we bring you some of the best metaverse-based coins which have been ruling the crypto world and are among the best assets to invest in right now to make huge profits.

Here are some of the best metaverse-based crypto coins that are dominating the market and you should definitely invest in them.

1. Decentraland

It is a very popular 3D platform where users can purchase and sell real estate properties like digital lands and plots in the form of NFTs(nonfungible tokens) through digital transactions using cryptocurrency as the entire technology of Decentraland is based on blockchain. Moreover, it was among the first few companies which completely adopted the metaverse as a major source of their income.

This company has devised its own cryptocurrency with the same name that has the reputation of being one of the best metaverse-based cryptocurrencies right now. A market capitalization of nearly 4 billion dollars clearly depicts its dominance in the crypto world.

You can start investing in the Decentraland cryptocurrency right away as the price of each share is nearly 3 dollars which makes it a very popular choice among investors and traders. And seeing the increasing popularity of the company in recent times gives assurance about the safety of your money and you could even make a huge profit out of it.

2. The Sandbox Tokens

There were various reasons which led to the popularity and advancement of the metaverse out of which the most significant factor was the company Sandbox which is one of the top investors in the development of metaverse. It single-handedly raised the fund for the development of metaverse from 360 million dollars to a whopping 2.5 billion dollars.

Being a subsidiary alliance of Animoca Brand which is among the top blockchain companies of the world, Sandbox has its own cryptocurrency with the same name through which the digital transactions take place.

It is certainly one of the hottest commodities in the crypto world right now. With a splendid market cap of 3.7 billion dollars, the sandbox tokens have been doing great in the charts. Like Decentraland, the price of each share of Sandbox is also low (around 4 dollars per share) which makes it highly popular crypto based on the metaverse.

3. The Enjin Coins

Enjin is among the top blockchain-based tech companies in the world which were established in the year 2009. Its primary aim was to build tools that allow the user to use the NFTs ( nonfungible tokens ) easily.

This company has been involved in the game development industry for over a decade now. In the same year of their formation, they were able to launch a metaverse-based gaming platform named Enjin network which has over staggering 25 million users in the current time.

The Enjin network requires Enjin coins which is a form of cryptocurrency. Due to its large community, the Enjin coins have been consistently on the top 5 in the metaverse-based cryptocurrencies for a long time as it is enjoying a market cap of 2.25 billion dollars. The price of one coin is as low as 2 dollars which attracts people all around the world to invest in this coin.

4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a very popular online video game that was created by one of the top blockchain-based tech companies of Vietnam, The Sky Mavis.

The touch of the metaverse made this game very unique as all the in-game assets and properties were purchased as NFTs( non fungible tokens). Moreover, this video game uses its own in-game economy in the form of a cryptocurrency named Axie Infinity.

Due to the high popularity of this game around the world, Axie Infinity became one of the most purchased metaverse-based cryptocurrencies in the world. The current market capitalization of this metaverse coin is close to 3.8 billion dollars. The only drawback with this coin is its price(around 52.8 dollars per coin) which is high when compared to other metaverse-based coins.

5. The Render Tokens

Founded in 2016, the render network has taken the dream to make the perfect world of metaverse to a whole new level as this network allows the computational abilities of the GPU to be merged with the smart contracts and blockchains to create an efficient decentralized economy. It reduces cost and speeds up the entire process of transferring and rendering.

The integration of requests and outputs with the render network( i.e. smart contracts and blockchains) takes place through the render tokens which is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency. People around the world have understood the importance of the render network in the proper development of the metaverse. So the majority of the people who know that metaverse is the future of tech are investing heavily in the render tokens that have made this metaverse coin stand strong with a market cap of around 570 million dollars.

The current price of the render token is around 3.58 dollars which makes it an excellent choice to pile up these coins as their price will exponentially rise in the coming future.

6. DeFi Kingdoms

It is another popular video game that uses NFTs(nonfungible tokens) to purchase gaming assets and properties and is considered as one of the fiercest rivals of the top game Axie infinity.

The entire game is built on blockchain technology and just like Axie infinity, the game has its own in-game economy which uses a form of cryptocurrency with the name DeFi kingdoms. It has a very big community of gamers who play this game on a daily basis.

The price of one Defi Kingdom coin is around 8 dollars only which gives it an upper hand over its rival Axie infinity which has a price of around 53 dollars. This significant price factor has attracted people all around the world to invest in this coin. The current market cap of this metaverse-based coin is around 480 million dollars which makes it one of the top metaverse coins to buy in 2022.

7. Radio Caca (RACA)

RACA is a crypto-based token that is used in popular games like Metamon and a very special game The Universal Metaverse(USM) where a player can buy his own lands, houses, properties, and other stuff in a virtual 3D world.

This game has attracted a lot of users around the world and RACA has been one of the top metaverse coins of recent times. It has a market capitalization of 422 million dollars and a very low cost per coin which makes it a very popular choice in regards to investment.


It is perhaps one of the most awaited metaverse projects of 2022 which will allow a virtual reality experience to the crypto community around the world by integration of user and the environment. It is a decentralized metaverse that is built on one of the top blockchains of the 21st century, the Polygon. This feature has attracted a lot of investors throughout the world and even the top investing companies like the Amonica brand are investing in this massive project.


Gala is one of the leading game platforms where the in-game player is the ‘partial owner’ of the game. GALA coins are a kind of reward given to the player in the form of non-refundable tokens which can be exchanged just like crypto in the GALA gaming universe.

10. UFO Gaming

If you want to get started with the metaverse coins, then UFO gaming is perhaps the best meta asset to invest in. The average price of each coin is less than $0.000013 which makes it the most pocket-friendly metaverse coin on the list.

Even with such a low price, the market cap of this coin is a staggering $1 crore which adds significantly to its popularity.


We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the finance world due to the presence of the miraculous conception of the metaverse. The entire world is investing in metaverse-based crypto coins as these coins will become one of the hottest commodities of the 21st century.

But like every stock and cryptocurrency, metaverse coins have their own risk factors which must be properly assessed by the investor before investing in the coin. Undoubtedly the metaverse coins are the next big thing but we should always stick to the basics first and should perform all the necessary fundamental and technical analysis on the basis of the company’s performance and through candlesticks charts. It is very fascinating to own a part of the metaverse but before it, we must devise a perfect plan to get the maximum benefit from it.

So we definitely suggest you be a part of this wonderful revolution but we will definitely recommend you to think twice before making any big decision, especially in this pulsating field like cryptocurrencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The investment in the metaverse-based cryptocurrency is among the best as well as the most profitable things to do right now. But since these things are relatively new there are many questions that come to a person’s mind. So here is the list of some of the frequently asked questions regarding the metaverse based crypto coins:

1. Do metaverse-based crypto coins exist in the market?

Yes, there are a plethora of options that you can choose from when it comes to metaverse coins. The most prominent coins in the market right now are sandbox tokens, render tokens, and many more. You can purchase them very easily using various online exchanges and applications.

2. Are metaverse-based crypto coins expensive?

No, it is a common myth among people that metaverse coins are expensive. The reality is some of the top metaverse coins which are ruling the market right now have a price as low as 2 to 5 dollars per coin. So even with a low budget, you can start investing in these coins right now.

3. Are NFTs(Nonfungible tokens) and cryptocurrency the same thing in the metaverse?

No, they are not the same. They are based on the same technology of blockchain but their functionality is quite different. NFTs are the symbol of digital ownership of a product or item that we purchase in the metaverse whereas cryptocurrencies are the way to perform digital transactions from one person to another.

4. Where can I get Render tokens?

There are various ways to get render tokens. Some of the top exchanges that are prominent for buying render tokens are the KuCoin exchange, Gemini Exchange exchange. Make sure to check out these sites and choose the best deal.

5. What is the difference between metaverse coins and crypto coins?

There is no difference between the two as metaverse coins are also cryptocurrencies. It is called metaverse coins because that particular token is somehow associated with the metaverse world. Like Decentraland token is a type of metaverse coin as the entire company is based on the features of the metaverse.

6. How are NFTs utilized in the gaming world?

The game which is built on blockchain technology is getting very popular around the world. Such a game has its own crypto-based economy and in order to purchase various game assets like properties, tools, and houses NFTs(nonfungible tokens) are utilized.

7. How to identify metaverse coins in the various online exchanges?

People who are new to the crypto exchanges find it difficult at the start to identify the metaverse-based crypto coins but in reality, it is quite easy. You get a filtering option that is associated with each of these exchanges which allows you to sort the list on the basis of your choice. There you can choose the metaverse option and all the available metaverse coins will be listed and you can choose accordingly.

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